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Like most people with a small child we have come to realize that the prefilled fruit/veggie puree pouch is an invention that truly changed the way our children eat- fortunately for the better! Like many of you, we LOVE the convenience of prefilled pouches and LOVE the healthy food it is providing to our daughter, but when the grocery cart was filled with 15, 20, 30 pouches and it seemed that they were gone in the blink of an eye, the pouches started to hit us in the wallet. 

This was a "lightbulb moment" that made us realize, we are not the only ones that must feel this way and there are hundreds of thousands of people in the US in the exact same boat. After some quick math at the grocery store, we realized that we would slash the cost of those prefilled pouches by simply substituting larger sized packaged products, instead of allowing these companies to take the same apple sauce they sell us in a 64oz jar for 8-cents an ounce and mark it up 5-TIMES the price just because it was in an easy to use pouch. 

We understand that everyone may not be handy in the kitchen or more the case that people don't have time to prep homemade foods (Hence the astronomical popularity of the prefilled pouches). We compiled a list of the most commonly purchased pouches in our house and  compared their prices versus simply filling an EZ Squeezee Pouch with store bought and often same brand product in a larger container. 



If you are handy in the kitchen and have the time, be sure to click on our Recipes pages and create some great foods your self- And save even more money!



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